Alka Tea (PH Balancing herbal tea) 50 tea bags

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Alka Tea: Ph balancing tea (50 tea bags)

Each teabag contains 2g of a balanced blend of the following herbs:

Agrimony, alchemilla, anise, apple, bear's garlic, black pepper, blackberry leaves, bridewort, caraway fruits, celery, chamomile, cinnamon, clove tree, common lavender, common speedwell, coriander fruits, couch grass, curly parsley, dandelion roots, elder, fennel, fenugreek, garden dill, garden sage leaves, green tea, gum tree, horsetail, lemon, lemon peel, lime blossom, lovage, marigold racemes, marshmallow roots, melissa, milfoil, nettle leaves, origan, pansy viola, peppermint leaves, raspberry leaves, ribwort plantain leaves, rose, rosemary, silverweed, spotted lungwort, summer savory, tarragon, thyme, turmeric, vervain, wheat grass, yerba mate.

Benefits :

  • For daily de-acidification of your body
  • Cleansing of the bladder, liver and kidneys
  • Delicious fresh mild spicy taste for every moment of the day
  • Increases body circulation and wellbeing
  • Free from caffeine and tannin
  • 100% pure nature!

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    Alca tea

    Posted by Giovanna Zamboni on 26th Jan 2021

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